December 13, 2008

Return of Worlds Worst Human

First of all, Robin is not supposed to have eaten Batman, which is what this picture tells us.
Second, Jabba the Hutt is now calling what he does on his blog “reporting”. I shit you not.
He’s quoted as saying his “outing” people’s sexuality is his duty. Not that Prop 8 and everything it stands for is a diametric polar contradiction.
This guy is so completely outta his league now it’s humorous.
If I ever get so ridiculously disconnected from reality that I’m calling what I do “reporting” please come over and snuff me out in my sleep.
I will “report” though, that you Jabba, are the worst person on the Earth. And if my life gets unliveable at all, you better be afraid. Cause I’m comin after you first.
It won’t become unliveable, but it’s my greatest dream that some serial killer turns your apartment into a venue from the movie SEVEN.
Feel free to read this dude ridiculousness HERE.

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