December 13, 2008

Attention Kayne

Yo B, you GOTTA settle the FUCK DOWN.
You are so unbelievably talented, and there is a sweetness and likeability to you that is uncanny. I mean I ROOT FOR YOU SO MUCH. And then….. you open your mouth.
When I was in Chicago this summer for Lollapalooza, I was very excited to see you playin in your home town.
This lasted about all of five seconds until you told the crowd you needed to put Chicago on your back.
If I’m honest with you, you totally got stomped on, in your home city, by Rage Against the Machine, the night before.
And the Mark Ronson gig just before, albeit the 43 cover songs he played, which I still don’t quite get, cause that dude is fuckin real, was crushing on you too.
I actually think they had to cut the P.A. from that stage because people could give a fuck about the day-glo pontification of your silliness.
I don’t pretend to understand this “hip-hop floss” bullshit. I know maybe the joke is on me, and this is part of your “whatever”. But and Chris Clancy articulate it pretty well.
Telling your fans at shows that you are better than the Beatles, is fucking ritonculous. It makes you look fuckin really stupid, and completely not connected to reality in any form. For SHIZZ dawg.
Maybe you should take off them bad fence shades that glow in the dark for a second, and breathe. WE DIG YOU! you are a SUPERTALENT. just fuckin stop with all the shennanigans.
I read today that you wanna become a serious designer of clothing, and that you wanna start at the very BOTTOM at a design house somewhere so you can really learn.

ATTENTION KANJAY!!!! THAT is fuckin sexy as fuck and authentic. And I’ll go buy some of your shit even if I never wear it. It’s the best part of you, actually when anyone come from this place.

Maybe the joke is ON ME with your personna. But jokin aside, from my view from the cheapseats, the human KANJAY is legit.


P.S. you will NEVER be the Lord and Master

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