December 9, 2008

Proud Papa!

This pic is from last year, during Freshman basketball. Today is the season opener for the 2008-2009 Whiteboy BEAST-OFF!!!
As a matter of fact yes, Boston Powers is the Captain of the J.V squad as a soph, at Notre Dame in Sherman Oaks.
At a BEASTLY 6-5 202 pounds, he will own your kid.
Bobo, pop loves you no matter what, but it’s so much more fun that you can clown almost anyone your age.
Work hard, and no matter what always play like it’s the last time you ever will, and ALWAYS look to make EVERYONE ELSE ON THE COURT BETTER. the rest will take care of itself.
I’ll be screaming at a ref makin a bad call momentarily.

Your biggest fan,


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