December 8, 2008


I’m confused by this whole thing.
I’m all for a strong, independant, cultured, motivated, self-empowered superwoman. But the grind your high heel in my face, pissed off I wanna hold the door and pay for the movie and dinner types need to get to fuckin steppin.
It is not a personal attack of your fucking gender if I wanna be a fuckin BOY for god sakes.
Maybe I’m crazy but the whole feminist movement on some level has been extremely fuckin hurtful to women.
I’m also smart enough to know that I’m not entirely educated about it all.
Just in your genome make-up. You are able to MAKE a human. That’s the end of the fuckin story.
I meet some womenmonsters with such a fuckin chip on the shoulders to prove they are every bit as equal as a man, and it gets my cock softer than a pint of fat free frozen yogurt.
LADIES, please please please hear this… YOU RUN SHIT. Just by bein the gender you are.
We are continually fascinated and confused by you, and we always will be.
CHILL THE FUCK OUT. We fight wars for you, try to mkae boat loads of money to impress you. WE DO EVERYTHING TO IMPRESS YOU!!!!
So fuckin lighten up.
Lemme walk on the outside of you. Lemme sleep closest to the door in case someone tries to snatch you. Lemme get the door.
Doin that stuff makes me feel needed.
Cause from where I’m sittin, after all the fuckin “I am woman , here me roar” antics, You still really enjoy bein held by a gender far less capable than you.
Let us do the only thing we can. Let us make you feel safe, grab a glass of merlot, and let’s chat about how you took over the world today.

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