December 8, 2008

D.J. and the Dreamboat

It’s hard to be a fuckin progressive couple in America. Leavem alone.
In the Dreamboat’s defense let’s try a little experiment.
I will pick ANY TEENAGE GIRL IN AMERICA, give them those looks, 10 million dollars, and a fleet of powerful adults swarming around her at all times saying “YES, WHATEVER YOU WANT AT ANYTIME” and let’s see what happens.
Add to it her comin up in the 36 hour a day gossip cycle of scum proppping her up with the SPECIFIC purpose of getting to beat her down, and it reeks of self-serving commercialism and corporate manipulation.
Is the Dreamboat a victim? Surely not. But completely takin advantage of, Yes.
On a sidenote, the D.J. has one of the dopest racks ever. But I’m partial to the gene pool.

Heads up, Ladies.

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