December 6, 2008

Attention "Volounteers"

When I’m racing into the store and I don’t have a bunch of time and you glom over and spit out this MANIPULATIVE and fuckin passive agressive line, “yo man, do you have a minute for WORLD PEACE”? the answer is “go fuck your mom”.
Do I have three minutes to pull your fingernails off with a razorblade? YES!!!
Most of you slackers are gettin a couple bucks a piece for each signature and care NOTHING of the cause.
I had one of you one week as me if I had a minute to defeat the evil Republicans (true quote), and then the next week hit me up for a pro-life petition.
Of course I have a minute for world peace. We all do. Just don’t fuckin manipulate me by throwin that shit around. It makes me wanna follow you home and slash your tires.
For real.

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