December 6, 2008

Attention Justin Timberlake

I gotta say dude, it was definately touch and go for a couple minutes, but you are fuckin the deal.
What you were able to do is real fuckin hard. You should be a boy-band relic cocktail party also-ran. But you aren’t. NO doubt.
Talented, introspective, seemingly concious of tryin to do the right thing, and an apparent level headeness, I’m pretty impressed.
You were in a seemingly impossible to get out of box. Leader of a commercial monster with the boy band business, a simple pawn for old men to make money and then discarded, you kept your head and navigated a real course for yourself.
I mean honestly for one minute you were hated on big. And you found a way outta that hype machine.
Wanted to be mad at ya…… If i’m honest, just can’t be.

take care of our maiden “Athlete Maker” will ya?


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