December 4, 2008

Attention Billy Crud

You’re a fuckin dick.
Bein famous has lotsa perks, kinda. It has MORE downfalls. One of them is you put yourself in a position to be lambasted on by me because, well, you decided to not have your personal life COMPLETELY personal. Enjoy your portion of the 24.99 I paid for Almost Famous. You were really great in it. Alas, if you were just an INKLING the man.
Mr. Crud only a heinously self-obsessed fuckin little BOY leaves a woman when shes fucking EIGHT MONTHS pregnant.
If you hate her guts, and you think she’s a fucking lunatic, and you can’t imagine breathing one more minute of the same air as here, YOU SUCK IT THE FUCK UP!
Maybe the single most vulnerable time in the very HISTORY of any womans life. Emotional, full of apropriate fears, and in DIRE need of the only thing women really need from us simple creatures. TO FEEL SAFE.
And you can’t get outta your own way to show grace and tolerance and patience to the very soon to be mother of your CHILD.
I don’t remember even if you had a boy or a girl. Well actually you didn’t care enough either.
But hopefully he’s a dude, and I only hope he catches some of moms heighth, and he fuckin shows up and beats your fuckin midget ass into the ground.
AT THE VERY LEAST, that’s fuckin fair, wouldn’t even you say?
Naw, probly not.
Life isn’t “a whatever the fuck you want, when you want it” fest, you fuckin joker.
The single biggest chance to step up and own your space as a man… And you straight fuckin wilted.
Live with all the boogeymen that shit probly creates for yourself.
You earned it.

Little fuckin boy.


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