December 2, 2008

Attention Lauryn Hill

Why are you sooooo fuckin weird?
Responsible for one of the 10 best records in the 38 years I have been alive, and then you just went on a “forever hiatus”.
I’m really reachin for an opinion here, as I know not a fuckin thing about you, nor have I even heard a thing about you. Which in itself is a little weird, seein as I have met a LOT of people.
There’s definately SOMETHIN goin on.
I’m totally down for the whole Black and self-impowered smug aloof African Queen painting from the Huxtable household thing you got goin on, or had goin on.
I mean actually it was pretty annoying, but I’d deal with HOWEVER the fuck you wanted to be, because you are the true glorious, gorgeous “songbird” of my generation.
If it would help you to put out another record, I’d round up GROUPS of whites to bow daily, and clean your house.
PLEASE, lemme know what I can do.
God gave you gifts that really only a few on the Earth have. Please get outta the way of yourself.


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