November 27, 2008

Don't sleep on LOLA

Painfully cool in the way that it makes you remember how uncool you and your friends were.
James Cruikshank and the LOLA crew outta NYC.
Industrious, and gettin it right.
Not just goofballs runnin around with a tshirt company, this group of young 20 somethings is wise enough at their age to get that shifting culture is about living a LIFESTYLE.
It aint about readin or watchin. It’s about living and doing.
On any given night in NYC, LOLA is reachin you, whether it’s through parties, a close circle of dj’s, or their label that continues to grow.
Some of their goofy Japanese-Farrell shit is a little loud and “Urban Jouster Ed Hardy for me, but their classic simple designs are fuckin the nuts.
Theres a continual cycle of kids tryin to get NYC on lockdown. Every generation has a ton of pretenders, and then the group that defines goin out in the timeframe they are livin in.
These cats get it right, cause it’s not a conversation for them. It’s a way of life.

Don’t sleep on LOLA. Get it all HERE.

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