November 27, 2008


Perry. I bow before thee. We all do.
There’s a billion clowns tryin to do this, and you and 5 others ever have gotten it done.
In 1989, I took some school bus up to some party where you were playin and I was utterly confused, and beyond turned ON.
Fresh from Omaha, Ne. in an Izod shirt.
Let’s all just fuckin understand right now. If you haven’t seen him entertain, you should feel less than.
You could be pontificating about the pros and cons of secular aggression as it pertains to world finance, and I’d be fuckin mowgli from the jungle book while that snake slides down with them eyeballs and puts me in some kinda fuckin whacko trance.
And if that aint enough you singlehandedly saved the summer rock festival concept with the re-emergance of Lollapalooza.
I sit in my small house, in my small office, lookin at my small penis, and I realize……

It’s all about you.

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