November 26, 2008

Step into my office…..

Senator Larry Craig from Idaho will be in shortly.
Mr. Craig has been a leading proponent for basically rounding up all the gays in America and putting them in camps.
The quiet family man of three evidently “caught the gayness” somewhere, because over the last fifteen years hes been skinsword swallowin here.
I’m always game for a little public bathroom antics myself, I’m just not screaming from the rooftops of any building I can find denouncing what I am.
Gay or straight public bathroom sex is fun. Whatever you’re into.
Senator Craig, IT’S OK TO BE GAY!!!!!!!!
I feel sorry for people in this much wacky, self-hateful conflict.
Get back to the office and suck away sir!!!
Maybe I’ll be in the stall next to you, shaming myself with a mama whippin away on me.
Time to give yourself a break man.

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