November 26, 2008


Kiki De Montparnasse. But for the sake of my small brain, Kiki de Whoa!
Just in time to save us from those junky cunts over at the “other” super high-end panty factory in L.A.
It’s bad enough for us guys that this industry even exisists to be honest.
But over the last decade it’s been even worse havin to go into Agent Provocateur and gettin fuckin scowly, too-cool atitude from some 22 yr old dipshit, who’s hiding the fact she can’t read, by pouring on the “I could care less you are even in here dork”.
Well guess what minimum wage whore, I don’t have to go to Agent Provocateur anymore. EVER.
I went to a party for Kiki de WHOA! a week back. This place fuckin ruled.
The girls workin there were amazing. All of em are 6-4, and they all kinda felt bad for me and my confusion of what to even get.
ATTENTION WOMEN. We hate buyin this shit. We always think we are gettin the wrong thing, or don’t know what we are doin.
These broads at Kiki made it mad easy. And weren’t afraid to have a clever conversation about my deficiencies. Which by the way is actually smart marketing wise, because I bought more shit than I wanted to because the girl helpin me tried hard.
Too cool for school is so 1995 Beechwood Canyon fake anti-girl, i tried heroin twice, cause my equally bad shoe gazing, singer-songwriter sad guy boyfriend wanted me to.
AGENT PROVOCATEUR and all the above mentioned broads can line up to suck my cock.
I’ll be at Kiki de WHOA!
Buy everything HERE.

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