November 26, 2008

Attention David Archuleta

YouTube Preview Image
You are fuckin adorable. I was heavily rooting for you last year on American Idol. You are so cute. And those pipes are NO FUCKIN JOKE. But….
We have got to do whatever it takes to get you away from that fuckin animal that calls himself your dad.
Dude, I would literally be stressing FOR YOU, when they showed that maniac in the stands. I don’t know HOW you have survived all these years.
I can obviously understand bein a parent who’s way too into their kids success and failure as I have now and again crossed the line with Boston regarding sports. But your pops is on a whole nother level.
I would have to almost look away when they would cut to him, because I didnt’t wanna get hit with the hysterical froth foaming at from his mouth.
It’s time to cut that steel umbilical chord and fly my man.
Above I have shown an educational video that you may find useful in planning your escape.

best wishes,

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