November 25, 2008

Attention Jann Wenner

Time for you to fuckin hangem up kid. This Rolling Stone cover is fuckin despicable.
I only wish your counterculture rebellious kid self could reanimate in some machine and fuckin laugh in your face.
One of the brightest, and most intelligent, outside the box young thinkers, with the ambition and belief in self to envision the magazine you put together.
And in one single cover, you make a mockery of everything you have ever stood for.
Gettin old sucks.
From the adjacent self-admitted secondhand info I hear about you, you have a really bright kid built from the same mold of who you were before you obviously got hung up with how many yachts you can aquire. Let him run it.
We all have reasons for bein unreasonable. And thank you for your amazing magazine.
But walk away. The country will thank you for it.
To really set off how shocking this cover is, for a list of Mr. Wenner’s accomplishments, go HERE.

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