November 24, 2008

Becoming Immortal

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This is the best 1 min and 27 seconds of The Departed. And arguably the best 1 min and 27 seconds of all time. (ok, that’s a reach)
There were a lot of roles, and a gagillion other “SCENES” that were more than likely set up to be “the scene”. But fuckem all.
I have literally changed my evenin around and waited to go somewhere until this scene goes down in the movie when it comes on HBO. That is not a lie.
Whoever the P.A. was on the set after this scene was shot radioed to DAMON,BALDWIN,WAHLBERG,SHEEN, and NICHOLSON’S camps and told them to fuckin pack it up until the next flick they were on.
I know acting and the movies are subjective and it’s impossible to judge this kinda shit, but I will now.
Dicaprio in a 6th round fuckin knockout.
On a sidenote, the shot of the pills flyin back in her face is beyond.
You think MARTINE knows what he’s doin?

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