November 22, 2008

Right NOW as I blog….

There are heroes protectin my right to do so. The idea that I’m a bit miffed I have to drive across town to do a couple errands right now cause I don’t wanna deal with traffic, makes me feel really fuckin small.
Whether we should be there fighting isn’t the question. We as a collective whole, as a national voice, voted for more Bush in 04.
If I ever hear ANYONE whine or be disrespectful to these dudes, like it’s THEIR fault for deciding policy, I will fuckin spit on you.
Or, if you don’t like that, I could always put you in your backyard for three days, and shoot at you off and on with an assualt rifle. And know that you’d be 362 days short of fulfilling your tour.
Army dudes, in all your forms, thank you.
And I’m sorry I CONSISTENTLY take for granted what you provide.

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