November 22, 2008

Attention Secretary of State

The United States top ranking diplomat. Not pictured is Bill melting on acid in the corner in his undies hopin “Skillery’s” pants don’t eat him.
From my standpoint you’ve earned this gig, Skill. Tough as nails, seasoned, and the perfect bitch-on-wheels bulldoggess we need to soften up nations, before “Poppa” rolls in with those calm nerves and articulte swoonin.
BUT…… Skillery, PLEASE,PLEASE fold up that three ring cicus that follows you and the fams life before you head into this. I know it may not be possible, and “Poppa” in his attempt to fashion himself too much after Abe Lincoln, may have caused himself a self-inflicted tire iron bashing type headache for himself, but just do everything you can. The country can use the capable Skillery. Just not the constant Clinton Tom Foolery.


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