November 21, 2008

Bringin the Dutch heat

Other than that gorgeous amazonian dominant swimmer Inge De WhateveryourlastnameisrootDeboer, Vinnie Van is my favorite thing from Holland.
Gotta thank the Guinevere for that. She held my hand and made it very easy. She also got me some headphones and some cd player that explained shit better. Honestly, it didn’t matter what the weird lady on the CD was explaining, I fell into a trance in front of this thing, called The Potato Eaters.
Just another lesson in walkin through bein afraid of what you don’t understand. I was the last guy on Earth headed to a museum. And for whatever reason, you drop “wanna go to the museum?” on a mama, and they think different.
Just don’t go on a Sunday in the fall.
go HERE for the full scope.

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