November 21, 2008

Attention Crooning Dipshit

Hey fuckwad,
Quit whining and playin this victimized card of “leave me alone and lemme have a normal life” routine. It’s old, and not authentic, “Mr. Depthful and Weightful Authenticity” guy. NO ONE is buying your bullshit anymore. YOU SIR are PART of the fucking problem.
When you swoop by a newstand to grab one of them celeb mags, so you can decide which famous chick you’re gonna fool next, you are NOT ALLOWED to pontificate POORLY, I might add, about having to DEAL with bullshit. There are roughly BILLIONS of women that are attractive and have shit goin on that aren’t in the public eye.
But then, of course, no one would stop you in the street so you could self-importantly and selfishly spew details about your personal life, that other people in the public eye may not want discussed, in impromptu news conferences with such credible outlets as
I know a few famous dudes, far more famous than you, that SLAY famous women and respectfully keep it personal and quiet.
Please sir, SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. and hit a therapist and find out why you need this INTENSE and VAPID outside validation more than the normal validation shit we all have as people. You got it fuckin bad.



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