November 19, 2008


Yeah, this seems safe, and non-invasive and there is absolutely no need for any changing of laws here???
Most of these papp fuckin jokers don’t even reside in the United States. They come here on “work visas” to wreak havoc and fuckin STALK. They come here to leech and they don’t even pay taxes.
Lemme get this straight…. American citizens who typically pay millions in taxes (celebs), aren’t on any level at least bein SOMEWHAT protected by the government they fund??? While foreign bloodsuckers come here to step WAY OVER THE FUCKIN LINE, USUALLY ALWAYS, to overly invade the taxpaying citizens and on most cases incite dangerous scenarios?

By the people, For the people my ass….. these laws need to be tweaked and a bit more fair for everyone… period… even for the creeps that use the papps to become famous, cause there are lots of those talentless, emotionally fucked up hotties and D-models too.
I’m on to somethin, and it should be fun…… stay tuned.

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