November 17, 2008

Hot chix who know stuff about shit I don't

In another venture outside my wide range of “expertise”, I present the founders of, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr.
First of all they are both real fuckin cute. This always helps. Unfortunately Ms. Power has maybe the coolest man I’ve ever met. So she was scratched off the list. And when I tried my best to flirt with Ms. Kerr, but she had her man’s back to an unflinching fault.
Feeling the pressure of my self-created 0-2 count (baseball term) I took a shot at writin about women’s fashion from am impossibly straight man’s point of view.
Needless to say it was a complete disaster.
I’m not a fashion guy at all. That’s why I lean on these broads. Hit up the site often if you wanna know anything about this shit.
For my bleak write-up, go HERE.
Beware “muffin-top” jeans, whatever the fuck that means. I got verbally raped for liking it.

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