November 14, 2008


Maybe I should just shut my mouth.


Let’s talk about the differences in our color.

(Holy shit, Oh No!!, please God, this is so bad, jeesus christ)

Thank you voices from the unable and not entirely sure of who you are and where u stand and what u believe.
Let’s talk about the fact that many of us don’t match when we look up at the not-at-ALL important color wheel.

Yeah, I’m white. A cracker, a honkey, a man in search of a mayonaise martini. I have no rhythym. I can’t jump. I had no hair on my cock at 13, I hate you because you are a different color than me.

Ahhhhhhh. Somethin happened on the way to my hooded revival as a 15 year old hillbilly in omaha, nebraska.

I met this funny kid, who looked after me the same way I looked after him. We had the same interests. We played soccer together. We won a state title together. We cried together about our dads not bein around, together. We both had the voices of the color BLIND around us.
And for god sakes, he was a NIGGER!!!!

At least that’s what my elders would refer to his color as.

Because of the beautiful civil rights fight of jfk, rfk, and specifically mlk, my mother, through her becoming more educated than HER elders, was adament about the very seeds of ignorance not bein available to me.
Thus, for the love of god, I usually hung out with a nigger. Purely because our relationship, made me believe in somethin bigger than me.


Most people, especially poloticians, beg us all to be colorblind. They especially did back in the early 80’s.

It doesn’t matter what color a man is, because all men are created equal.

This was a good start. Almost 12-15 years away from the most ardent struggle of the black man livin in a racist america.

But I must tell you, it was only the path to what, honestly I have seen as the solution.

Its almost 20 years removed from me and Duke (the nigger as he was described by my uncles) and I must tell u, that as I watch my 15 year old son, the issue of race seemingly is fading into the category of “who gives a fuck what color you are as long as u treat me good, or give a good blowjob” status where it needs to fuckin belong.

I would never EVER be ego-centric enough to say that I understand the plight of someone being non-white in America because I don’t.
I have no idea what its like to be judged immediately and have 40 bad stereotypes appear because I walk up to someone late at night at an atm waitin my turn.
I say that, because I myself, have thought shitty things when a black man has stood behind me late at night at an atm.
But I realize that these are bad ideas based on an exploitation of the black man in america through the media.
Now, in my white man defense, there have been PLENTY of black men that have profiteered mightily from the stereotype that I would hope as a country we are movin toward eliminatin.
orange. Who gives a shit.

I can only revert back to the streaming example of my beautiful, COLOR-FULL 15 year old child.

Now, mind you, his stance is one of his experience. Public schooled until high school in Los Angeles, he is much more comfortable around people of color. He’s called the “ghost”. He’s not a “whigger”. He’s just a white kid, with white traditions, and he is routinely made fun of because of his whiteness.
Meanwhile, he leans back into the conversation with his good BLACK friend Avery, and aptly calls him sl-Avery.
And, BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just then….

I get it.

They aren’t afraid at all of their differences. They aren’t afraid AT ALL of the color jokes. They frequently congratulate one another on a better than average “color bag”.
And that’s because, the color differences in America, ARE GETTING BETTER.
We’ve moved to the next stage in healing. We are no longer colorblind.

Maybe we are color-full.

And ready to suck up the amazing and cultural, and interesting, and amazin differences that can only make us MORE AWARE for the planet.

I have seen it with my very own eyes.

We have moved forward.

Let’s all move toward the idea that COLOR-FULL is a much better idea then what I grew up with. Colorblind has gotten us here.

And I’ve seen color-full.

And It’s…….

be good. avoid evil. make good decisions

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